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February 10 2016

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Star Wars by studioronin

February 07 2016

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Books and Cupcakes Book Photo Challenge - July - Day 28 In the kitchen

Test out my bento-making skills and wishing I was back in Japan

January 26 2016

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Duskbringer | Victor Maury

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Last fan art of this year, hope you’ll like it.

Crashed Tie-Fighter in the shady sands of Jakku. Hope Finn will find his way out from this labyrinth. Have a good life web wanderers.

January 13 2016

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Dmitry Narozhny

November 20 2015

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October 23 2015

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October 22 2015

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Reposted bycoaxsist coaxsist

October 20 2015

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Light Fossils by Darren Pearson, is a beautiful series of Light Paintings of dinosaurs. 

September 23 2015

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August 26 2015




Waiting for the bus in the rain, in the rain. I’m waiting for the bus in the rain.

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That is a short essay written by Neil Gaiman that appears in SimCity 2000, a video game that allows you to design and build your own city before ultimately destroying it with the Incredibles robot. However, if you built a library in the game, clicked on it, and then selected “RUMINATE” you’d be taken out of your apocalypse fantasies and into Gaiman’s mind where you’d learn about how cities are sort of alive and will totally eat your face. “Don’t ever take a city for granted. After all, it is bigger than you are; it is older; and it has learned how to wait …”

It’s not exactly a new novel, but it is original Neil Gaiman writing that virtually no one saw. And that, oddly enough, brings us to Chipotle.

6 Important Works By Famous Artists Hidden In Easter Eggs

August 24 2015

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snalies ~@:

May 21 2015

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May 13 2015

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May 12 2015

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Peebs & BMO ☼

May 07 2015

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May 03 2015

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April 29 2015

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April 27 2015

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